• Hazelnut
  • Chocalate
  • Vanilla


Treat yourself to the warm comforting scent of fresh brewed coffee.

Coffee me please will make anyone think you just brewed a fresh pot of the real thing.

Infuses with real coffee! Yes enjoy the show while your candle burns.



-Burn Time 96 Hours With Proper Wick Care.


Triple Scented Soy Candle,can be smelled up to 3ft away!


Kellie Cheree Candles burn evenly. No tunneling.

Coffee Me Please

SKU: 0004
    • Soy is derived from vegetables
    • Natural and 100% non-toxic
    • Burns Clean
    • Burns 50% longer than Paraffin Wax
    • Releases fragrance Naturally faster and longer
    • Supports Farmers 
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