Seduction Massage 
is a candle,that while burning ingredients turn into a oil.

Contains Soy wax, Natural Butters,And oils.

Soy has been known to have many healing properties for the body.
Mixed with body butters and oils to calm the mind,body, and spirit.

Seduction Massage isn’t to hot to pour on skin, But we do recommend testing inner wrist before pouring anywhere else on the body.

Candle will last you months with proper care.

•100% American Grown Soy (non-gmo)
•Butters including
Body Oils 
•Sweet Almond Oil 
•coconut oil 
•castor oil
Kellie Cheree Custom Made Fragrance 

Seduction massage leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without any residue or stickiness. A little goes along way!

Package includes 
•Massage Candle Box
•Seduction Massage Candle 

Seduction Massage can be used anywhere on the body except intimate areas and can not be eaten.

Seduction Body Massage Candle