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Kellie Cheree started off as a hobby in 2016. The first candles created, were called glitter candles. I never knew the process of candle making and how much of a process it would be. You can not just buy fragrance oil and mix it in wax. I had to take a step back and really do some research. I had a thought to never give up! I gave candle making another try. Second try was better than the first. But I still felt like I needed to improve. I wanted to create candles that no one has experienced. Finally! landing a formula that I love so much, you have a quality soy candle. Not just a pretty flame but you will also be able to smell! Kellie Cheree has grew throughout my home town, Rockford ,IL and across the country. A lot of love and passion goes into each candle.

Thank you for all the support and love!


100% Cotton Wick



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